Saturday, 25 January 2014

Early 2014 Garden update.

Well so far winter has been very mild and also very wet!  This has been good for the frost tender plants (I still have Aeoniums outside)  but not good for me gardening.   I have started on the raised beds with I am constructing out of  8 foot long new railway sleepers.  Carrying them on slippy mud is tricky to say the least.  So here are a couple of videos to show how it is all progressing.

And more on the sleepers


  1. Cor your garden seems really exposed. I admire you working away in all weathers, wouldn't find me outside lol! Well maybe in the heated greenhouse.

    1. It's pretty exposed now until I get the structural planing in place and it grows to protect. The good thing though is that any cold damaging winds would come from the East and North and those directions, the garden is already protected. It's the "mild south and westerlies that have been battering the garden. A heated greenhouse is a long way off for me!